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Earthquake retrofit contractor in Bay Area California

California and the Bay Area are situated right on top of the Ring of Fire, an extremely active earthquake prone zone. If science is to be believed, all the earthquakes we see are just culminating into something bigger. Given these circumstances, it is highly advisable to proof your home against an earthquake so it suffers minimum damage. Earthquake retrofit is a must in the bay area, and it is better to be safe and take precautions.

When homes are built, the foundations and pillars are designed to be able to withstand a lot of vertical load. What this means is that you could put as much weight as you like on top of the house. What we’re usually not prepared for is horizontal load. Imagine a home being jostled sideways- most constructions are not designed to withstand this, and collapse at the first sign of a quake. This is because homes slide off of their foundations when an earthquake strikes. If you’re lucky, or if the quake is mild, the damage could stop at some foundation damage that will be visible later in the form of sagging floors and seeping basements.

Our earthquake retrofit systems for homes work in two ways- we can help you prevent damage by fitting in connectors that can take on the horizontal weight; we can also work on foundations damaged by quakes and restore them. We highly recommend prevention as this assures you of mental peace for years to come. With our keen eye for detail, we inspect every aspect of your home and suggest the best course of action. We also come up with a detailed plan of how the custom earthquake retrofit will be done at your home.

Remember that even the toughest of materials and the best of construction can collapse if precautions are not put in place to prevent quake damage. As we’ve already spoken about earlier, earthquakes are not your usual, run off the mill forces. The best way to prevent them from affecting your home and your life is by getting in touch with trusted experts with experience in earthquake retrofitting. As qualified earthquake retrofit contractors in the bay area, we have worked on several projects and ensured that the owners have the peace of mind they deserve. Ask us for a custom quote- don’t let an exorbitant fee dissuade you from a solution you need. Our earthquake retrofit costs are very competitive, while not compromising on an iota of perfection and efficacy.

So why wait any longer when a trusted earthquake retrofit contractor is just a phone call away? Ask us for a quote today and we’ll come and inspect you place, suggest what you would need to do and start the job off whenever you wish. With us, your earthquake retrofit solution is always in expert hands!

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