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Crawl Space Repair Contractor in Bay Area California

A crawl space is the tiny area under your home that gives you access to wiring and plumbing should the need arise. When you move into a new place, a crawl space is the first thing you want to check- an unhealthy crawl space can lead to unhealthy residents. Damaged crawl spaces can easily be identified by the creaky floors over them, or just by the musty odor that strikes you when you step anywhere near them. If you’ve lived in old homes that haven’t seen repair for a while, you know what we’re talking about!

If there’s anything worse than a leaky basement, it has to be a damaged crawl space, more so because it is harder to figure out, and can cause heath issues such as asthma and allergies from mold. Crawl space encapsulation is a great way to ensure that this space stays problem free and stops accumulating humidity.

Like basements, humid crawl spaces are the result of minor issues with construction that have worsened over time. Moisture evaporating from the ground in summers could be accumulating in the crawl space, causing it to become a breeding ground for mold. It could also be that the crawl space vents are allowing humid air to enter through them and deposit wherever it can. In the bay area, we have no dearth of humidity, making this a fairly common occurrence. The worst thing is when water simply is logged in this area due to it being at a lower level, or because of issues with plumbing or water leakage. Whatever be the cause, the outcome is the same- a humid crawl space that allows fungus to grow freely.

At Dobel Construction Inc., we call ourselves your trusted crawl space contractors in bay area California, and with good reason! Our mantra is to approach every problem from its roots, see what is causing it and treat the cause first. As opposed to spot-fix solutions, comprehensive and thorough repairs last longer and give you better results. We undertake crawl space encapsulation as a solution to this problem- a very wide term to describe the host of specialized crawl space repair services we offer. With our free estimates, you can get to know well in advance how much a repair could cost you, and plan for it accordingly. When you’re comfortable with the price and the alternative we suggest, and this will be done only once you speak to our professionals, we start off the job and finish it as unobtrusively and as quickly as possible!

Why let a dank crawl space give you sleepless nights when you can just help us help you? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We can give you an estimate in days after the inspection is complete, and have our  crawl space professionals attend to your need.

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