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Backyard Remodeling Contractor California


Backyards are the one space in the house that should reflect who we are as a family. Even the smallest of backyard space reflects a part of us- a barbecue speaks of people who love entertaining and the outdoors, while a patio chair could mean people who love to read. A small pond with fish in it could mean hours of entertainment for kids while a landscaped sit-out with accent chairs is the perfect place to spend time with friends.

If you have a large space, lucky you! We can make the most of the Californian sunshine by helping you design a space that is as perfect to spend with family as it is to host friends and parties. Even in smaller spaces, we can add accents and a lawn to give you a cozy space to spend time in. Looking to turn your backyard into a vegetable patch? Do you want to put a bird feeder in there? Just tell us what your vision is for your backyard and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Another bespoke service we offer is backyard landscaping. As you know, several people opt to turn their backyards into a mini garden, complete with a lawn and a walkway. With our backyard landscaping plans, you can expect just that and more, with accent lights and seating added in for good measure. So whether it is the vineyards of Napa that you’re channeling for inspiration or just looking to add in mixed shrubbery, we can help those visions become reality. In the process, why not add in a planter to the outside of your windows?
As is usually the case, don’t be put off by the probable price of it all! You’ll be hard pressed to find backyard remodel contractors in California bay area who are committed as much to quality as they are to giving you an optimized solution. So why wait any longer? Give your backyard the makeover you always wanted.

Our backyard remodeling professionals will inspect your house and present you with options to choose from. They will also try to leave some leeway for your plans and ideas. Once you agree on the fee, they will come home to you at a time prearranged for by you- so whether you want to be involved with the process, or you wish for us to be discreet, we can arrange for what is convenient to you. Once we’re done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results and have a space that reflects you for many years to come.