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Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Bay Area California

Is your basement flooded at the first sign of a leakage? Is water in basements your greatest concern and the cause of many sleepless nights and unnecessary expenditure? Do you think of your basement as just another problem area in your home? No wonder then that wet basements are places we avoid until a repair creeps up and we absolutely have no choice but to inspect them. At Dobel Construction Inc., we believe in addressing the problem even before it begins, with our basement waterproofing solutions.

Why wait until the problem gets out of hand? Why repair something when you can waterproof it in the first place? This is precisely why we’ve come up with ideas to waterproof your basement before it can create problems for you.

There are many perfectly constructed buildings that still have issues with water and flooding in basements. The most common reason why basements have water seepage is because the soil surrounding your home’s foundation is causing it to happen so. When heavy rains occur, they cause the soil near your foundation to take up more water and force it through the material of your basement. Water welling up near basement windows and cracks in the basement floor are some other reasons why your basement could be leaking. As you can deduce from this, it is very important to understand the cause of basement leaks and work towards fixing them Once that is done, we shift our focus to identifying potential problem areas and fixing them so the problem doesn’t repeat.

There are several contractors in the market who assure you of long lasting results, only to have your basement flooded in less than a year. This is because they might only be solving the most obvious problem that they can see, without thinking of potential problems and solutions such as basement waterproofing and crack repair. With our time tested solutions, we undertaking everything from basement crack repairs to basement waterproofing solutions. With our basement waterproofing estimates, you can be sure to know well in advance how much our solutions would cost you- no hidden charges and no beating around the bush! Once we agree on the price and solution, our team of experts in basement crack repairs and waterproofing will be at your doorstep at a time agreed to by you. Thoroughly professional and on time, they will ensure that your wet basement with its damp odour that you have been avoiding soon turns into another usable space in your home.
As your trusted basement waterproofing contractors, we understand the health and aesthetic hazards that a wet basement poses and do our best to resolve the issue quickly and for longer. What’s more, we will ensure that you have a solution that is long lasting and of the highest quality standards. So why wait until the problem gets truly out of hand? Leave it to the experts now and relax while we help you waterproof your basement.

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